Tuesday, 1 April 2014

K20 BTW...

This is a car I was literally gagging to get out and shoot when it was ready. I was going to say when finished and would love to of said it, but as we all know they're never get finished, theres always that 'next' step. I had been pestering Ben for weeks, if not months that when its ready I want to get him out and about for some photos. I was probably more of a nuisance, but there has been so many times when I've missed opportunities to get out and take some photos of new cars in the scene. Bens EG seemed to be that one car I had noticed on the forums that gave me that motivation to charge my camera and get out and shoot it. It actually gave me the motivation to get out and shoot shuthans car a few weeks back as well! We threw dates back and forward for a month or two until we were both free from work and other commitments, luckily we had a good day for it!

A very fitting number place...

Sitting lovely on the set Enkei RPF1's
The cars subtly modified on the outside. Nothing major, no give-aways, the only one being the number plate. The car had been into Hond-R for a LOT of work over the past few months, might of been longer or shorter, I am unsure on the time frame. One thing I will say is that I almost feel bad that the photos don't show off or convey how much work and effort was put into this engine bay. Its probably one of the best in the UK at the moment. I think this is due to a lot of new ideas you don't see implemented over here in the UK. The alloy overflow tank, braided coolany/heater lines etc. Yes they are little things, but the little things are what turn this  engine bay make it one big, complete amazing thing.

Hybrid Racing Engine Mounts

I have tried to show every little bit in the engine bay, so I apologise if there are too many photos of little sections of the engine bay. Personally I think the best photos are the ones showing the entire bay, but I also felt I had to document the little bits. 

As you can tell the engine bay is probably one that you can actually say 'clean enough to eat off'. The encased engine mounts (or whatever you want to call them) add to how stupidly clean the engine bay looks. This car does take the smoothed bay to another level. It doesnt stop there though, even the interior is just as clean. Im used to my civics having big puddles and rust in the spare wheel well, this one I could fill with spagetti and eat off it. I think painting the interior is definitely a lovely touch for a stripped car, it just brings it all together. 


Not too much else to say myself, apart from this is one of my favorite eg's out there. Unfortunately the rig shots arent up to par as usual. The light was fading and the ground of the location we were shooting was a bit turd. I'm hoping to get out and about to shoot the car again when my proper rigs made. I think a respray is on the cards as well so stay tuned! 

Also check out the owners website http://www.boltsbolts.co.uk/ if you need some honda goodies!

Spec List...
K20A2 Engine and Gearbox
Quaife Diff
Hybrid Racing K Swap Engine Mounts
HR tucked Fuel Rail
HR Shifter Cables
HR K Swap Shifter
HR FPR with gauge
HR Silicone Hoses
HR Ali Rad with Slimline Fan
HR 70mm Throttle Body
HR Oil Cap
HR K swap Manifold
R Motion Gated Sump Baffle
Custom Tucked Loom by Hond-R
Boxed in Mounts
Tucked & Smoothed Bay and Interior
Tucked and Polished Brake Lines
Custom Aluminium Expansion Tank
Port Matched RB Intake Manifold
K-Tuned Flush Dipstick
Fiberworx Carbon Plug Cover
Hasport K swap Drive Shafts
S2000 Clutch master Cylinder with BoltsBolts Spacer
1" Master Cylinder and Servo
Stage 2 Competition Clutch and Flywheel
300mm FN2 Front Calipers
262 Rear Discs
Black Diamond Discs Front and Rear
Ferodo DS2500 Front Pads
Stoptech Rear Pads
Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
2.5" Custom SS Exhaust
Hondata K100 ECU
HR Induction Pipe with Velocity Stack and Filter

S2000 Clutch master Cylinder with BoltsBolts Spacer
1" Master Cylinder and Servo
Stage 2 Competition Clutch and Flywheel
300mm FN2 Front Calipers
262 Rear Discs
Black Diamond Discs Front and Rear
Ferodo DS2500 Front Pads
Stoptech Rear Pads
HEL Braided Brake Lines
Meister-R Zeta-R Coilovers
Full Energy Polybush Kit
16" Enkei RPF1 with Falken Tyres
Moteki Wheel Nuts
Full Stainless Steel Hardware Throughout the Car
Buddy Club Front Camber Arms
Skunk2 Rear Camber Arms
PAS Removed with Modified Steering Rack
Skunk2 Gold LCA's
Gold ASR Brace

Fiberwox Custon Carbon Fuel Pump Cover
Godspeed X-Brace
Buddy Club Reclining Seats
Takata Drift 3" Harnesses
Pioneer DD headunit
Oil Temp Gauge
Oil Pressure Gauge
Volt Gauge
NRG Snap off boss
GripRoyal Steering Wheel
Battery, Washer bottle and Fuse box relocated to rear quarters
SiR Rear Interior Plastics
Non Airbag Dash
Arm Rest
440mm Broadway Mirror
Skunk2 Heavy Weight Gear Knob

Spoon Carbon Spoiler (Now BYS)
Seibon carbon Bonnet
NRG Carbon Bonnet Dampers
Spoon Style Carbon Mirrors
Mugen Style Carbon Front Splitter
BoltsBolts USDM Side Light Kit
Denji Headlights
BoltsBolts SS Spike Kit
BoltsBolts Engine Washer Kit
Hond-R Custom SS Loom Cover
Hond-R Custom SS Pulley Cover
Hond-R Custom Alu Fuel Filter Cover
ClimAir Wind Deflectors

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Shuthans B18C Swapped EJ9...

It has been a long time since I have ventured out with my camera. I did start this blog with the intention of including various aspects of my life, but I haven't managed to fulfil this goal as I had hoped. I was hoping and wanted to feature cars and document the car meets/shows that I go to, but unfortunately life's priorities take over. Anyway more to the point I have been trying to organise a few car shoots and luckily this one fell on the nicest most stunning day in weeks!

Honda Civic EJ9 B18C

Its a car that creates a lot of talk and discussion over the forums. Partly because the internet is the internet. You get thousands of people with conflicting opinions, everyone thinking they are god and their view is the one and only to rule the car world. But in my opinion it is a lot of people who feel the need to chat shit to jump on a bandwagon which was hand crafted by a few 'jealous' haters. Yes he loves his B18, yes he loves Spoon Sports, and yes...its his money to spend on what ever he feels to spend it on. In my opinion not a lot of money has been wasted on pointless parts. I think the best thing of it all, is that a lot of people have said its a scene car, built with scene parts. In all honesty, I havent seen one person on the forums use the same parts or go to the same length he has to build a pretty standard, OEM looking car. These days the scene parts are your 16x9 wheels running back to the future camber, with elastic bands stretched for tyres.

Honda Civic EJ9 B18C

Honda Civic EJ9 B18C
The car in question started off as an EJ9 which was later converted to a B18C by Hond-R. The car probably had the best starts by having these guys carry out the swap. Their work has been faultless ever since I got involved in the UK Honda scene. The car has been sat on many different sets of wheels until the owner has settled on a set of 16x7" Regamasters. Which are still in original condition and original stickers! The car has had numerous different parts fitted, it has been stripped, then the interior has been back in and it is now finally back to being stripped. Its subtle mods make it a very unsuspecting car. I think this is why it get a lot of stick, as the owner has kept it very minimal. Nothing is too 'brash' and in your face, yet the car gets the job done, and does get enjoyed! It is yet to be tracked as far as I'm aware, but I think the owner is going to change this at some point in the future with the addition to a few extra parts.

Not sure what else to blab on about so enjoy the rest of the photos!

Desmond Regamasters and Spoon Callipers

Spoon HT Leads
Showing off the Brakes
Spoon Steering Wheel

Spoon Duckbill 

Spoon Calliper Rolling Shot

Quick Rig Test

Another Quick Rig Test
Spec List...
B18C-R ITR Engine with S80 LSD Gearbox
Cleaned and Painted Block with Head and Gearbox
Spoon Oil Cap
Spoon Rad Cap
Spoon Radiator Hoses
Spoon HT Leads
Spoon Kevlar Plug Cover
Spoon Direct Air Flow Pipe
Spoon Baffled Sump
Toda V2 Manifold
Headlight Loom Tucked
Tein Bonnet Dampers
ABS Removed
Hond-R Carbon Inlet Cover
Spoon N1 Backbox
EK9 B Pipe
Hond-R 2.5" Decat
Original Wringle Red Cam Cover

MeisterR Coilovers
Spoon Front Strut Brace
Spoon Rear Strut Brace
Function 7 LCA's and Subframe Brace
EK9 Front and Rear ARB's

16x7" Regamaster EVO Wheels
Falken ze914 Tyres
Spoon 4 Pot Twinblock Calipers
Ferodo DS2500 Pads
Black Diamond Grooved Discs
Stoptech Brake Lines
Rear 262mm Brake Conversion
1" 98 Spec DC2 Master Cylinder

Honda OEM EK9 Headlights
SiR Facelift Grill
Facelift Front and Rear Lips
Spoon Carbon Duckbill Spoiler
EK9 JDM Recess
Color Coded Bump Strips etc
EK9 Rear Tailights (JDM Converted)
USDM Front Light Conversion
Bolts Bolts Number Plate Flipper

JDM Double Din Console
Spoon Hydro Rear Mirror
Spoon Steering Wheel
Spoon Wheel Boss
SiR Facelift Mats
EK9 Recaros on DC2 Rails
EK9 Door Cards
DC2 Titanium Gearknob
EK9 Sunvisors

Future Plans:-
Spoon Carbon Kevlar Seats
Rear Painted
Takata Harnesses

Monday, 12 November 2012

WHP X RBMA : Flying Lotus, DJ Shadow, Squarepusher, Jamie xx ... 9th November 2012 REVIEW

I have already written this on facebook but I have a feeling it will be forgotten about fantastically quick by the Warehouse Project team as their wall posts are set to private. But anyway its a copy and paste job...sorry for the rant guys but I think it is well deserved...

"This is going out to what ever idiot runs @THE WAREHOUSE PROJECT you really need to sort your venue out big time. I was looking forward to the friday night just been WHP12 // WHP X RBMA for weeks and weeks. I booked my tickets the same day i saw the line up. I saw Flying Lotus and DJ Shadow and was intrigued from that moment on. Then I saw Squarepusher and pangea plus a lot of big heads lined up f
or the night. So I purchased 2 tickets at £25 for me and my misses. When I showed her the line up she was excited the same as me.

So megabus booked which was another £40. We travelled all the way from London on a 7hour megabus. We arrived in manchester got a taxi to the venue which was another £10, was suprised by how cheap taxi's were in manchester. But anyway we arrived at the venue to see police around, and your team there with sniffer dogs. In a way its a good approach as licensing can be very hard to gain from the Council. I have worked pub and bar jobs so I fully accept this approach. But you have firstly tried to capture the 'vibes' of an illegal warehouse/squat rave in your red bull sponsored venue, which no offence the culture revolved around deep music, good vibes and drugs. I was not carrying anything and I do not condone drug use. But also before any of you so called straight edge, 'I get pissed on alcohol every weekend and smoke 20 cigs a day hipsters' start winging about how I think you should accept drugs into your venues, you are ALREADY selling worse drugs in your venues. All I saw all night was loud, obnoxious drunk dickheads running around your gaff with absolutely no care or worries for anyone else around them. I nearly smashed 5 groups of peoples faces in. One lad tried to grope my misses, and not just have a little dance, he tried to grab her tits. If you think this is acceptable then again you have lost this battle and you should have your venue burnt down. We were standing at the front just trying to enjoy Martyn in the main room, and he came over, I was about to smash his face in and my misses did stop me. So we left after Martyn finished and once again got more hassle by DRUNK people. Not someone all happy and enjoying their evening on other substances. DRUNK people on the extreme amounts of alcohol you advertise and sell to them. Through out the night I got constantly barged by these cocks of people. It wasnt just a they were trying to get through the hordes of people, it was BARGING through with no care for anyone there. Again this is due to everyone being DRUNK.

So I waited around for Dj Shadow, got to the front of the crowd and was standing by the barriers at the front. There was a few people there just chilling waiting for him. Again, we got more hassle by drunk people, who elbowed a nice chap who was at the front. Im surprised he didnt lamp them, he didnt even get a sorry they just gave him a dirty look and started dancing like PRATS again. So anyway Dj Shadow comes on. I literally could not wait to see him. Ive seen him twice before and he has been amazing. The venues ive seen him at were Brixton Academy and o2 Wireless in Hyde Park. I knew it would be slightly different as he was doing a DJ set. But who did your rig and sound setup? As they firstly do not deserve to be paid. They did the most awful job of everything that evening, and maybe every evening you run. I understand house, dubstep, jungle drum'n'bass all have wicked basslines and thats what makes a track. But have you guys forgotten about mid's and trebles? I mean Dj Shadow as a professional DJ and producer should of known better as well. There comes to a point were a system has too much bass. Which maybe everyone in manchester likes when they are pissed out of their face. But to be someone who enjoys music properly, your venue sounded like a vauxall corsa, with 28 Subwoofers in the back. I could of watched Dj Shadow do his set, as I love turntablism and aspect of Dj'ing but when you cant hear a thing of what they are doing, and all you do is hear shit bass that makes it hard to breath, its just wack. So I travelled all the way manchester, to walk out after 5 minutes DJ Shadow to go outside. So all I can say is I was disappointed by that, not being able to enjoy one of the two people I really wanted to see.

So went outside, which took AGES to get outside as your one way system works more shit than soho at rush hour with taxis stopping ever 10 seconds. So were outside, and as expected the vibe was wack outside. No one chats to anyone, which at any other party I fully expect to go outside and just randomly start talking to people. Ive done it all over the country and even all over europe. Yet your venue, nope, no one. Just grumpy, moody aggy people, which was disappointing as I have more than 10-15 friends from manchester who ALWAYS say people are safe as up there. So went to go back inside after wasting nearly an hour until Flying Lotus was on stage. As we were going back in we saw ANOTHER person getting pretty roughly man handled and thrown out by your security. I had a guess it was over drugs and we over hear one of your so called 'undercover hipsters' who was following them had entrapped him into the situation. He asked this random guy if he had any MD he could have. So this guy maybe around 20-21 offered him some on a friendly level. Which everyone and if you havent seen this then dont chat bullshit, can quite happily admit they have seen happen on many, many occasions. If you enjoy a vibe you like everyone else to enjoy this as well. So this kid who was getting thrown out, wasnt dealing or selling. He just offered on a friendly vibe to one of your undercover guys he can have some. Which low and behold, ruined this poor, friendly guys night, I bet he was one of the many few nice, apologetic people from the crowd who wasnt steaming drunk off your red bull sponsored alcohol, barging and groping girls. Oh wait I know why your stance is so tough on drugs, is it because people happy, and on other substances dont buy your alcohol so you dont make money? Once again youve removed one element of a warehouse party from your so called 'warehouse party'. Anyway after feeling sorry for this guy as your security threw him towards the police we darted back inside to see flying lotus. Here we go on the one way system again, took like 10-15 minutes.

So we got to the main room, which Shadow had sounded so, sooo awful on an hour before. Low and behold, you should of dug up the sound guy who we've already shot for ruining dj shadow and shot him again. If Im not mistaken this is also a fault of the producer/person dj'ing in this case Flying Lotus. So dont get me completely wrong im not blaming the venue 100% here as the DJ/Producer can easily do something about this. But if im not wrong this was a night, mainly for Flying Lotus' new album launch. So really he would of liked to promote his new songs on a good level. No offence you did completely the opposite. All that could be heard was a dirty, dirty bass rumble which was horrible. Not just extra bass like you get at every venue, we were on the full on corsa effect again. No mids and No Treble. It is ABSOLUTELY gutting to go to a venue to hear good music and it is RUINED by an absolute waste of a rig. I hear better, more professional sounding rigs at house parties and small illegal raves. I would blame it just being in an acoustically shit building but Ive heard much better in much worse buildings. I couldnt even tell what song he was playing or even if it was a song playing. Like with Shadow, I was thoroughly disappointed by the lack of experience or just lack of knowledge you have with setting up and levelling your venue right. You go to a club such as tiger tiger to get pissed and not care about the music. But when your going to a venue such as yours this JUST for the music, you need to have it 100% BANG ON. Producers pay professionals, who have trained their ears for years to master the levels on their tracks. So whats the need to waste this process by ramming the bass knob to +10. Even if I was drunk, or on drugs, or in another world, I couldnt of enjoyed the music. Oh and once again, MORE hassle from drunk people barging and people being general inconsiderate dicks. Maybe as I wasnt drunk like these muppets it meant I wasnt feeling their 'shit' vibe. But why should I have to spend £100, and get drunk just to 'enjoy' the vibes of your venue. 

So again like Shadow, after hearing 2 songs, which might not even of been songs, it took around 5 minutes to decide to walk out of his set. We wandered around for a bit and we decided to just hit up the boiler rooms raggo tent setup in the corner. All I can say is Boiler Room you saved the WHOLE evening. We got to see around 25-30 minutes of Martyn dj'ing and it smashed it. It was a small selection of people, but what a difference to the rest of the crowd. It was happy, chilled, everyone was enjoying the tunes he was spinning. Im a vinyl fanatic so to see some 12" spinning also made me happy already, could at least just enjoy watching him. Oh and also who ever setup their rags tent did better than who ever setup EVERY other room in the whole venue. My ears were blessed with some treble and mid tones. What an absolute shocker right there! So he finished the last thing they were doing for the night. It made a good send off for the worst venue I have ever been to, and I am totally serious on saying its the WORST venue for music I have ever been to.

To anyone who hates on what Im saying why dont you give me love back. As I would love to know what kind of view you had on this evening. Maybe for a drunken night out it was good for you all. But if theres music heads who appreciates good music at a proper venue your opinion will be probably be accepted more than an 18 year old girl who drunk her first jagerbomb that night. All im saying is I wasted near £100 for one of the worst music nights Ive ever had.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Bored Deeper Than A Croydon Hoe Bag...

Bored so heres some photos. Its Been a while since I've given you all an update or something fresh so enjoy!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Subvercity at Delicate Mayhem Gallery...

I will be exhibiting a couple of photos in a show named Subvercity, which has been curated by Dan Salisbury and is going to be hosted at Delicate Mayhem Gallery in London. The exhibition will be opening on Thursday 10th May at 6pm and will be running for 2 weeks, so come down on the opening night to say hello and do what ever you want to do. Or pop by over the 2 weeks its running.

The Address for Delicate Mayhem is...

3 Russell Street
Covent Garden

Heres some weblinks to the galleries website, the galleries facebook page, and finally a link to the event page on facebook!


In the mean time...enjoy this view...

Wider Than The Shard...