Saturday, 28 May 2011

Tube Riding...

I wonder what people thought of a bag like this on the tube...

Monday, 16 May 2011

Fuck BTP...

Sorry post removed due to prang heads :)

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Mail Rail Escapade...

Me and Zero had discussed attempting the Mail Rail so many times before. I think it was first discussed in Oct 2008 when we had an absolutely insane week of pillaging everything London had to offer is. We busted one of the WW2 Shelters in london (Balham/Clapham South), we had climbed every crane and building offered to us, I even think we found a couple of new drains. Each day we tried to think of new stuff to try but every time we considered the Royal Mails train network we couldnt fathom a possible way in. We just kinda laughed about doing it as we couldnt think of a way. We just didnt think or look deep enough into it.

We then of course heard about the Squat Rave which happened in London, and how some of the people there discovered a small train network or tunnel system underneath. This sparked up everyone thinking about it again, but the building had been sealed beyond belief. If I can remember numerous people had attempted to get in via this building but the security were on the ball now and called the police at any sign of someone looking suspect. Then all of a sudden I got a phone call from Zero saying we are heading up to london one night, so as usual I packed my camera and the usual crap I take with me. Which usually is hardly anything compared to anyone. I will literally take my Pentax MX, few rolls of film, my trusty Nikon D40x and a tripod. Usually I will have some Dr Pepper though, best thing to carry with me. When he turned up (late as usual trying to blag he had been there for 10 minutes haha!), I jumped in the rag's mobile and off we went. We picked up Gary from their squat in Clapham before heading up their asap.

Out we jumped got our shit together and headed in. Even though the climb was quite fun, thinking about the accident Zero had the night before made me a bit cautious. He had a very big bruise very close to his nutsack. Not a good sight for another man! The access was laughable, so tiny but so obvious. Either way we got in, was a weird feeling to actually be inside, miniature tracks and trains everywhere.

It was a bit of a crazy experience to be inside, there are CCTV cameras all over the place. It was a bit of mad night. We spent most of it locating the cameras, then running past cameras, turning lights on/off, disconnecting cameras, pointing cameras away from where they can view anything. This was just so we could get around the place. But in between all of this, we were having to walk 2-3miles between stations, which also had cameras in some of the tunnels. So you couldnt even relax on these hikes, you were constantly having to pay attention, you were always on edge.

We walked the whole route from Mount Pleasant to Whitechapel Delivery Office.

But it wasnt that easy. We had to walk all the way there, then to actually get out back to street level we had to exit back the way we came. So we had to walk the whole entire length back. I think that is the reason I didnt enjoy the actual explore of Mail Rail. When you have done 7 hours of walking, in just about walkable tunnels, it starts to take it out of you. You are constantly fumbling over the tracks as there is hardly any room for your feet to fit in etc. It just started to drag. The tunnels seemed to go on, and on, and on. Then you would finally come to another station and have to go through the same routine of the cameras etc. Which now I look back was well worth it for the Mail Rail, but as you can tell by my lacking, hand held photos, at the time I really couldnt be arsed to do anything but take a 20 minute sit down and nap at every station.

Either way, it was a sick night, and I was happy to of gone and seen it. I cant even fathom the tiny amount of people who will actually set foot in those tunnels or stations in their lifetime. It kind of made me really glad and happy to be involved in the world of exploring and getting up no good as most people would call it. But to me its just seeing stuff I want to see, because I can, I wont let any law, or any person say I cant see something, it defies the point of it still being there. I am just disappointed I did not appreciate it at the time and bothered to take some better photos. Anyway heres the rest!

Part of the Plan Has Been Created...

I have been meddling with the idea of starting up a blog as an easier medium to share journeys, exploits, days painting and any other thing I get up to with everyone. I am too lazy for a website and to keep updating it, so I think a blog will suit me perfectly, as sod sitting there updating galleries all the time, also I think a blog will suit my style of photography a lot more. I like to just shoot photos as stuff happens, more to document the time rather than to take a 30minute composed photo. Anyway heres a few photos from the past month or so to try get you all slightly interested. More bits will be posted very regularly!