Saturday, 30 July 2011

A Tad Dirty From Epic Tubes....

Mid-afternoon tube busting by accident...

Monday, 25 July 2011

I Got A Payment...

I would like to thank Jon Enoch for his payment for use of my St Pauls photos featured in The Daily Mail and The Guardian on the 2nd of July 2011.

He is the only person out of the 3 parties to of been decent and actually responded to me, which has led to an agreement on a price for the one time use of my photos.

So I do thank him for being reasonable and actually being decent compared to the thieving newspapers.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Newspapers are Thieves...

Recently the climb of St Pauls Cathedral made the headlines in a couple of national newspapers. Some of you might of seen the article on Page 6 of The Guardian, and there was an online article for The Daily Mail. I wasnt going to post this online but as they have all been pricks about it I feel its necessary to give them as much bad media as possible.

It all started off onthe 2nd of July, which was a Saturday. I had been out with my girl to tesco and as we got back in the front door I got a text from badman over at Infinity is Now. He said to come online and check some shit. He also told me to run to some shops asap and buy The Guardian. He sent me a link to the Mail online and there it was, an article on the climb of St Pauls. Instantly it was a fucked up situation. They had used 6 photos with out my permission, re sized them to a shit quality, and then 4 of them had been credited to a photographer Jon Enoch. The whole article was a paragraph from whoever wrote it, then a complete theft of my WHOLE blog post. It was a copy and paste job of my whole account of the climb and the night we climbed it. I was pretty happy to see the photos, but what pissed me off more was all the publicity and credit was given to a shoddy portrait photographer who has nothing to do with exploring, graffiti and anything I do and stand for. Obviously I was so gutted, I had no link to my website, no ties to me, EVERYONE who read the article googled his name. So he got credit he does not deserve and never will.

Then I literally ran to the shops to grab the National Guardian. I paid my money to buy it, which I now hate that I had even given that slight portion of money to this scummy paper. On the way back to my girls I obviously had a quick flick through, page 6 as told had a 3/4 page spread with 3 of my photos used. It had exactly the same paragraph and words used as the daily mails (minus my story from the blog). But once again it was credited to Jon Enoch. Which was disgusting to see again, getting credit where it is not deserved at all. Again it was nice to see the photos, but it did piss me right off.

Here is a scan of the article from the guardian...

Click for Larger View

(I would link in the Daily Mails article but it has now been removed off their website)

Anyway straight away I got onto a few contacts to get some invoices written up as obviously they have used MY photos which I own and I can claim money for their use. I got given a typical template to use for freelance work, and a bit extra for when photos have been used with out consent. All the letters were finished up and written with in the next few days, including invoices and prices. I had used prices from the NUJ website, they are freelance fee's that most photographers adhere by. Im not going to lie, my prices were a fair bit higher than the usual freelance fee's, but they are definitely with in reason, but as they have been used with out consent, and they are pretty much one of a kind photos, I am currently in the middle of charging more.

These prices might seem ridiculous to some people but the freelance fee's I could see was £175 for a months usage of a photo 800px wide. So considering the The daily mail had used 6 photos of 900+px wide, I didnt think charging them just over double the freelance fee was that unreasonable. The guardian got charged just over twice the amount as well. The problem is, as the photo's have been used with out consent you can pretty much charge what you like with in reason. The thing I was told to remember is they are firstly one of a kind photos, there is only 2 people that have photos of this kind in the whole world. And secondly, that they have used them with out consent, so they havent agreed a fair price for the usage with you, and thats even if you would of let them have consent.

In the meantime I had to do a bit of research on the Copyright law as the situation with Jon Enoch was a tough one. He had supplied the photos to the papers, but it was getting to the bottom of if he had supplied them under his name, or if he had just been browsing the internet, found the link and sent it in not thinking anything of it. So a few emails and phone calls later to the papers, I had gotten my answer and I was sorted. When this all clears I will probably post up exactly where he had fucked up, but until then I am going to keep quiet. I dont want to give him a heads up as currently standing this all is going a lot further than a quick payment of my invoices. But either way I had written him a letter up and attached an invoice.

The next day I ran to the post office before work, had all 3 letters and invoices ready, and packed inside an envelopes. I got them sent next day, signed and recorded for. I wasnt having them try and blag that my letters 'never reached them'. I also sent over all the copies to the papers via email, attaching the letters and the invoices. The letters to Jon Enoch and The Guardian arrived the next day and were signed for. I kept checking the tracking number for the Daily Mails letter and it never seemed to arrive, it had never been signed for and said it hadnt been delivered according to the Royal Mails tracking. 

Obviously the next step was to hand the invoice and letter in by hand. So I printed off another invoice and letter and decided to head up to London. I headed for their office just off High Street Kensington. I rocked up with Patch and we set about Murkalating them. Firstly they were some of the rudest people I have ever had to deal with. We went into the main entrance as it appears on their website, we got told to go around back and didnt give us a chance to explain. We were sent around back to the deliveries office reception. So of course I went up to the receptionist and explained that I wanted to hand this letter in to who ever is responsible for the Online Articles. Instantly she said no we cant take it. I was really lost at why they couldnt. She said they all have to be named to who ever they are going to, which to me is a joke. The online article never showed us who actually published the article. It just shows the username which was something as great as 'Mail Online', which obviously is mega helpful. I explained the situation and she was trying to argue the copyright law to me. Which was stupid on her behalf. I just said to her that I am going to hand her the letter and can she please give it to an appropriate person. She refused, so I turned around and said 'by being the receptionist, you are representing the Daily Mail at this time, so I am handing the letter to you'. She was not one bit happy, she said she is not the daily mail and does not represent it. So how does that work? A receptionist is the person who represents the company that people deal with. I dont think they have a fucking clue down there for sure. We got told to sit down as she tried to get hold of who ever was responsible. A few minutes later I was talking to Elliot Wagland, who said I am lucky I wasnt kicked out by the security as I was being very rude. Im annoyed they didnt try and kick me out as I wanted to cause as much of a scene as possible. Not in a bad yobbish way, but I wanted them to know that I want to be a problem for them and I am not gonna let it all just fly over. 

After speaking to him he said they would definitely pay me but not the amount I had invoiced for. I obviously asked why. His answer was we dont pay our normal photographers that amount for photos. Which I thought was the most ridiculous thing to say, all I could answer with was 'well im not one of your normal photographers and these arent your normal photo's, im not budging one bit'. It went on and it ended with me just saying to them Im not budging, so you either deal with it or its going further than this. All he did was say my letter had to be passed onto the main editor, 'Alex Bannister'. I havent heard a single word from the Daily Mail since that day.

I did how ever get an email back from Jon Enoch, he kept offering me shoddy amounts of money, that Im not going to lie, I had to laugh at. I finally got a sensible reasonable offer, he said he would pay up for the breaches of copyright. It was originally 9 counts (3 from the Guardian and 6 from the Daily Mail). But we came to the conclusion that 2 of the photos in the Daily Mail didnt actually have his byline and werent credited to him. So those got taken off, he offered me an amount for 6 photos, which minus the 2 still makes it 7. So I re-invoiced him for the new set amount for 7 photos. But once again I have had no reply from him. Which surprised me as he seemed quite adamant to pay for his wrong doing.

Yesterday, 22nd July rolled around. This was the final day of the 14 day period I had given for them to pay me by. I got an email from the Guardian saying they wont pay me my amount, as they dont pay that much for photos normally. They offered me an absolute shoddy amount of money. Which I instantly declined. I made a quick phone call to Catherine who had emailed me. I had a very brief phone call with her, she said sorry they hadnt emailed or contacted me back quicker, it has taken their legal team 2 weeks to find out if climbing St Pauls was legal or not, as if it was illegal they wouldnt of paid me. Which first off I laughed at, 2 weeks to find out if trespass is civil or criminal, bit of a joke to me. I also had to mention that even if it was illegal it is up to the relevant bodies to prosecute me, and she would still have to pay for the photos anyway. It ended with her asking me where and how I was taking it further so she could advise her legal team. I told her its going further but she wont know anything until it happens. She was a bit sneaky, I dont know whys he thought I would give her some info and heads up. I cant wait to take them to court and show my own case and evidence and rinse them, especially as they will have no heads up and come back. 

Anyway the day has passed in which they ALL had to pay up for the breaches of copyright, and to pay me for the one time use for my photos. It pisses me off as The Guardian has a great reputation, and is supposed to be a very good paper to pay their photographers and give credit where it is due. Well as it appears to me, they are an absolute joke, they have stolen photos, not even tried to come to a reasonable agreement. Also both papers have used the same excuse to me. They have both said they took and used the photos in good faith from Jon Enoch who supplied them. Which is a joke, if they had spent 2 minutes researching on the internet they would of realised that his photography doesnt go to the lengths of my photos he supplied. He does portraits of celebrity's in studios. He doesnt get his hands dirty climbing in and out of dirty places. He doesnt risk being arrested and bum searched. All I can say to the papers is they should of done their research, and if they want to take it further with Jon Enoch then they can. But they are forgetting they are in the wrong by publishing my photos with out my consent.

To summarise it all, I cant wait to take all 3 parties to the cleaners. I am going to pursue the amounts I have invoiced for the use of my photos to the very extent that I can. They are all clearly in the wrong, which did surprise me so much when no one decided to pay up. Unless they contact me very quickly they are going to end up with more costs and fee's on their heads.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Out and About...

More random photos from travels over the past couple of weeks...

Maximum Snacking..

Decorating Cupcakes...
I got half way to sneaking on this big boat...

Thames Walking...
The Badman from
Hackney Wick...

Witley Wonder, was a tough swim!

What am I doing :/
At the Daily Mails Office causing trouble...

Yard Scopin'...

Just some random photos from a few places...the first 3 shots were by my girlfriend over at Ecaishere. They were shot on my d40x and I have just re-edited a few of them to wack up on here! The last 2 B&W film shots are mine. Was some delta 400 pushed to 800 developed in Kodak Tmax. Handheld on a 50mm f1.2.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Crack the Surface....

Definatley check this shit out guys. Made and produced by many friends of London. I havent even had time to watch it myself, but I can assure you it will be dope as, the trailer sure was!

Big up everyone from Silent UK,  Sub-Urban and Place Hacking.

Crack The Surface - Episode I from SilentUK on Vimeo.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Rip Kilburn...

Recently everyone who was staying at Kilburn got kicked out. It was another cushty as fuck squat. It wasnt as local to central as the last few but it was still decent enough! It had been fully refurbed, even though the builders did a shit job on the plumbing. There was a drip coming from above in one of the bedrooms.

They had been staying there around a week and a bit with no sign of the owner. So it all seemed a bit too good to be true. It was just across the road from a sainsburys as well. So location couldnt of been much better. Me and Patch spent a while trying to get the gate to work so he could park his car inside the mews. We couldnt get it to work, then 5 minutes later Patch walked in saying a random irish bloke had shouted out the code to him. So we had the code to the walk-in gate, but not the large gates to let cars in and out. It still helped us though, as climbing over the gate would of been a pain in the arse to get in and out.

I had only stayed there one night. Literally had a night off and had nothing to do, So chilling with some good people was the best idea going. Me and Patch also had a few plans of getting up to no good planned. We cooked some food, sat around for a bit chatting crap as usual. Me and Patch prepared for the evening. A pre-explore nap was also experienced, so we could be fresh and ready!

Ready and Waiting

We packed all the nights stuff up and headed out. It was a good 1am or so, so was pretty late and the sleep was definatley a touch. I dont think I would of made it out into the car, let alone going to do something. So we headed out, did what we had to do and returned an hour or so later. To be honest we were pretty buzzing from a quick bit of fun, so we had a quick zootage before sleeping. I apologise for waking up Jess, we busted in at 2.30-3am, turning on lights and realising she was sleeping. So sorry again!

So settled and in bed we tried to get some sleep. Everyone at the squat had upgraded to a blowup mattress. Bought for under a tenner! But me being a n00b and only staying for one evening, thought 2 sleeping bags would be enough to make a little mat, plus use one as a duvet. A quick word to you all, wooden, laminate flooring is pretty damn uncomfortable. Also the noise of freight trains running down the tracks just behind was killer. It was semi relaxing and soothing, but the noise they made was insane. They were loud as anything, and went on for miles. I wish I had jumped over to the station and watched a few of them roll through.

Morning :)

Everyone woke up pretty early and at a sensible time. I think it was due to the builders working in a house opposite. As soon as we clocked them, we realised they knew we werent supposed to be there. We just carried on with our own business as they were staring at us. We cooked up some supreme pork noodles. They were all cooked on a tiny camping stove, which I wanted to test before actually going away camping with it. So perfect oppurtunity! Im that sad im going to give you all the recipe...

Pork Chop
Noodles (Pork flavoured is recomended)
Soy Sauce
Lemon Juice
Spring Onions
Pinch Salt and Pepper

1. Slice the pork into chunks, then mix in a bowl with some soy sauce and lemon juice. Leave for around 25-30mins to marinate and soak up some of the sauce.

2. In the meantime cut/slice the spring onion and cabbage. When the pork is ready, fry the pork until cooked.

Spring onions at the ready...
3. Bring some water to the boil in a pan. Once boiling, add noodles.

Noodles y0...

4. Add the flavour pack in the noodles, stir, then add the spring onion.

5. Leave the noodles to cook through for the time needed. Then add the pork and leave to simmer for a short time.

The White Ainsley Harriott...

6. Once it has all been mixed in it is ready to serve. You can drain some of the water, but its nice to keep so the noodles dont dry up, and it definatley keeps the noodles warm for a while!

Finished Product

For the cost of £3-4, using produce from local stalls down Kilburn High Road. A pretty damn tasty breakfast/lunch had been made. We still had 2 pork chops left as well. I think the most expensive bit of the meal was the pork. So definatley check reduced sections in tesco, they always have some cheap meat to offer!

Anyway the noodles were consumed. But we had another problem on our hands. We had a very, very angry landlord knocking on the door. I think he was a tad pissed off to say the least. Me and patch being the only 2 blokes in the house went to confront him. Straight away he tried to barge the door in, so we had to force him out. A bit pisstake considering it is his own property, but he was bigger than either of us, and had 5-6 big builders down outside with him. I think Patch has a pretty funny video of him storming around outside. The landowner had phoned the police anyway. So a few minuter later we had 4-5 of Londons finest to talk to. They were intent on bashing the door down for some odd reason thinking we were in the wrong and had damaged stuff. So knowing we hadnt done anything wrong we just let them in. To which we were greeted by well, a straight arrest!

The reasoning was 'extraction of electricity' which I can understand IF we had been using the electricity in the house. Which well, I know I hadnt, and nor had anyone else, but the landowner implied to the police he had seen lights on. Which to be fair, its midday! Why the hell would we need lights on? Either way Me and Patch got straight up arrested and had the speech of anything you might say will be given as evidence etc. Then they were going to arrest the 2 females. Which was kind of stalled when they went to search them, and it was pointed out that you need a female officer to do a physical search. As Officers cant do a physical search of the opposite sex. This kinda pissed off this mad, must of had a double ender up his bum officer. He was the most stressy, anal, jobsworth, officer going.

It was a wierd set of coppers to be fair. We had the one dude who was a madddddd prick. He said that because the landowner had left a fridge plugged in and on, and we had put a drinks and other bits in there, that we were therefore extracting electricity. I dont understand that, so someone is already using something, and because we decide to take advantage of this it makes it illegal? Either way it was some madness but we got on with it. We had 2 officers which didnt seem to bothered about it all. They were just there as its their day job really, or so it seemed. The last officer, who was actualy level headed, and had a decent outlook on everything was our savior, or he was just someone who understood it was all a load of hyped up shit that was just wasting EVERYONES time.

Patch came to a quick conclusion with this copper. Me and him were standing outside with this officer, and Patch just mentioned can he ask the landowner, if we prove theres no damage, can we just pack up our stuff and leave and it can all just end now. So obviously the officer knew that it would be a simple and easy way to fix it. Given we hadnt caused any damage and fucked the place, the Owner actually completely agreed with this. Maybe he wasnt happy, but again I think he realised it was the quickest way to end it all. So we were allowed to go and grab everything and leave, and the arrest well, would go no further. All im going to say is I wish there was more officers who can see past laws, and all other shit, to just realise that sometimes there is better way to deal with situations as they come. It took us 20 mins to pack everything up and leave. Rather than spending many, many hours in cells and having interviews, and a lot of time being on bail, for nothing. Plus the paper work the coppers would have to do, is it really worth it sometimes.

Either way it was something quite fun to of experienced. Fair enough we could of got in a bit of shit for it, but I dont think it would of stood up in court, and for the effort it would of been to gather the evidence, the owner might of gotsomething petty, like £5 compensation for the electricity used in 'taking advantage of the fridge he left on'. It was hilarious watching the aggy officer run around the house, grumbling to himself about its disgusting that we are being let go etc. I wish I had just told him to chill the fuck out, but at the same time it was nice to give him a smile as we walked away, just as free as when it had started.

To finish this shite random post off. Im just going to say, FUCK CHEERIOS, FUCK LEMON CAKES, FUCK PASTA SAUCE....AND FUCK THAT OVEN...the people who will understand that im hoping you laugh haha!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Crane Shots...

This is another random post to be honest. I have just got a few photos taken from cranes all over the place. Mostly from london, but one of my favourite climbs from spain. None are amazing, but just thought I would share some bits with people!

London Bridge Demo Building

Strata, Elephant and Castle

Aldwych Crane, London

London Bridge Demo Building
Shard, London Bridge

Dsankt and Loops making a bridge, Landmark Docklands

Shard, London Bridge

100 Middlesex Street, London

My favourite, The Fire Crane, Benicassim, Spain

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Black and White Tubings....

Just some black and white film shots from some tube tunnels. All shot on Pentax MX either using Tokina 17mm f3.5 or Pentax 50mm f1.2. Shot on some Delta 400 pushed to 1600. Developed with Kodak Tmax developer, then scanned on my crap 25quid film scanner...Anyway enjoy....