Friday, 23 March 2012

Such Hype...

A lot of exploring and accessing certain locations is all by luck, one day something could be locked down beyond belief, everyone says its not doable, its too risky etc. Yet you could walk by the next day and the front door has been left ajar and you can waltz right in. If you do strike gold you know you have to be quick to react and have to get on it. You cant be making excuses. You will never know how long this will last. You have to make the most out this type of situation when it arises, and take all that you can from it. Obviously you only come across situations like this by going out and about constantly checking anything and everything, not by sitting at home on a forum, watching your phone for someone to text you the next big thing or by browsing blogs adding locations to your shopping list.

Many situations like this can be handled in a lot of different ways. The way anyone handles this will be different and will be based on how they think or what their goal, or aim is.  My personal goal would be to pro-long the length of time this so called location can be accessed in the same manor, especially if it is easy. This not only means you can enjoy it yourself, but you can share this with others over time. Obviously you have to think who you will want to take or tell. This is as people will have different, I am not saying the wrong incentive, but just different goals to your own. This can lead to a place being made hot or getting sealed. Its a knock on effect of someone knowing, they tell their select few, then that select few tells their selected friends, or co-explorers etc. Quickly 1 person turns into 9. As much as you think you could trust those people you told, somewhere down the line it will be leaked. There will be that one person who wont think about the safe keeping of the information, and therefor everything will be ruined.

Its always that person who wont think about said things properly, who will always be the first to complain and winge that they weren't told about a lead. But this then arises another question. If people were told about a 'hot' or 'risky' location being doable in some way, would they actually leave their computer to check it out? Would they go and find this way in? Would they venture into the unknown? Would they take a risk? Or would they only visit if someone had posted a 28dayslater thread, with step by step instructions with every last detail of how to access the said location? Would they also need to be told its risk free and they wont get into any trouble by following this elite exploration manual?

People will obviously disagree with this whole statement, but the vast majority of you so called 'explorers' hardly explore, you never tread the unknown, you dont find any leads, you dont push any boundaries. Yet you all want to be the next big thing posting something with in hours of arriving home and wanting to get mad props for your write up. I just find that most of you lack any motivation because you might have a few wasted nights checking shit for yourselves. You all seem to hate the thought that you will come home empty handed and will have no content to do a post on. Yet you expect a certain few to go out every week, bust their nuts finding leads, slaving to find ways in, taking any risks involved, to then just turn around and give all of this work condensed into a digestible packet for you to use. So for future reference, dont run your mouth saying people have done something bad and are wrong because they havent told you about a location being open pr easy. Instead go out and use your time wisely and you wont miss out the cream of the crop...

Guess Where, 2012...


  1. Well said, I once opened a can of worms by sharing an entry point with the wrong person. Took 2 years for the worms to climb back in the tin.