Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Shuthans B18C Swapped EJ9...

It has been a long time since I have ventured out with my camera. I did start this blog with the intention of including various aspects of my life, but I haven't managed to fulfil this goal as I had hoped. I was hoping and wanted to feature cars and document the car meets/shows that I go to, but unfortunately life's priorities take over. Anyway more to the point I have been trying to organise a few car shoots and luckily this one fell on the nicest most stunning day in weeks!

Honda Civic EJ9 B18C

Its a car that creates a lot of talk and discussion over the forums. Partly because the internet is the internet. You get thousands of people with conflicting opinions, everyone thinking they are god and their view is the one and only to rule the car world. But in my opinion it is a lot of people who feel the need to chat shit to jump on a bandwagon which was hand crafted by a few 'jealous' haters. Yes he loves his B18, yes he loves Spoon Sports, and yes...its his money to spend on what ever he feels to spend it on. In my opinion not a lot of money has been wasted on pointless parts. I think the best thing of it all, is that a lot of people have said its a scene car, built with scene parts. In all honesty, I havent seen one person on the forums use the same parts or go to the same length he has to build a pretty standard, OEM looking car. These days the scene parts are your 16x9 wheels running back to the future camber, with elastic bands stretched for tyres.

Honda Civic EJ9 B18C

Honda Civic EJ9 B18C
The car in question started off as an EJ9 which was later converted to a B18C by Hond-R. The car probably had the best starts by having these guys carry out the swap. Their work has been faultless ever since I got involved in the UK Honda scene. The car has been sat on many different sets of wheels until the owner has settled on a set of 16x7" Regamasters. Which are still in original condition and original stickers! The car has had numerous different parts fitted, it has been stripped, then the interior has been back in and it is now finally back to being stripped. Its subtle mods make it a very unsuspecting car. I think this is why it get a lot of stick, as the owner has kept it very minimal. Nothing is too 'brash' and in your face, yet the car gets the job done, and does get enjoyed! It is yet to be tracked as far as I'm aware, but I think the owner is going to change this at some point in the future with the addition to a few extra parts.

Not sure what else to blab on about so enjoy the rest of the photos!

Desmond Regamasters and Spoon Callipers

Spoon HT Leads
Showing off the Brakes
Spoon Steering Wheel

Spoon Duckbill 

Spoon Calliper Rolling Shot

Quick Rig Test

Another Quick Rig Test
Spec List...
B18C-R ITR Engine with S80 LSD Gearbox
Cleaned and Painted Block with Head and Gearbox
Spoon Oil Cap
Spoon Rad Cap
Spoon Radiator Hoses
Spoon HT Leads
Spoon Kevlar Plug Cover
Spoon Direct Air Flow Pipe
Spoon Baffled Sump
Toda V2 Manifold
Headlight Loom Tucked
Tein Bonnet Dampers
ABS Removed
Hond-R Carbon Inlet Cover
Spoon N1 Backbox
EK9 B Pipe
Hond-R 2.5" Decat
Original Wringle Red Cam Cover

MeisterR Coilovers
Spoon Front Strut Brace
Spoon Rear Strut Brace
Function 7 LCA's and Subframe Brace
EK9 Front and Rear ARB's

16x7" Regamaster EVO Wheels
Falken ze914 Tyres
Spoon 4 Pot Twinblock Calipers
Ferodo DS2500 Pads
Black Diamond Grooved Discs
Stoptech Brake Lines
Rear 262mm Brake Conversion
1" 98 Spec DC2 Master Cylinder

Honda OEM EK9 Headlights
SiR Facelift Grill
Facelift Front and Rear Lips
Spoon Carbon Duckbill Spoiler
EK9 JDM Recess
Color Coded Bump Strips etc
EK9 Rear Tailights (JDM Converted)
USDM Front Light Conversion
Bolts Bolts Number Plate Flipper

JDM Double Din Console
Spoon Hydro Rear Mirror
Spoon Steering Wheel
Spoon Wheel Boss
SiR Facelift Mats
EK9 Recaros on DC2 Rails
EK9 Door Cards
DC2 Titanium Gearknob
EK9 Sunvisors

Future Plans:-
Spoon Carbon Kevlar Seats
Rear Painted
Takata Harnesses