Tuesday, 1 April 2014

K20 BTW...

This is a car I was literally gagging to get out and shoot when it was ready. I was going to say when finished and would love to of said it, but as we all know they're never get finished, theres always that 'next' step. I had been pestering Ben for weeks, if not months that when its ready I want to get him out and about for some photos. I was probably more of a nuisance, but there has been so many times when I've missed opportunities to get out and take some photos of new cars in the scene. Bens EG seemed to be that one car I had noticed on the forums that gave me that motivation to charge my camera and get out and shoot it. It actually gave me the motivation to get out and shoot shuthans car a few weeks back as well! We threw dates back and forward for a month or two until we were both free from work and other commitments, luckily we had a good day for it!

A very fitting number place...

Sitting lovely on the set Enkei RPF1's
The cars subtly modified on the outside. Nothing major, no give-aways, the only one being the number plate. The car had been into Hond-R for a LOT of work over the past few months, might of been longer or shorter, I am unsure on the time frame. One thing I will say is that I almost feel bad that the photos don't show off or convey how much work and effort was put into this engine bay. Its probably one of the best in the UK at the moment. I think this is due to a lot of new ideas you don't see implemented over here in the UK. The alloy overflow tank, braided coolany/heater lines etc. Yes they are little things, but the little things are what turn this  engine bay make it one big, complete amazing thing.

Hybrid Racing Engine Mounts

I have tried to show every little bit in the engine bay, so I apologise if there are too many photos of little sections of the engine bay. Personally I think the best photos are the ones showing the entire bay, but I also felt I had to document the little bits. 

As you can tell the engine bay is probably one that you can actually say 'clean enough to eat off'. The encased engine mounts (or whatever you want to call them) add to how stupidly clean the engine bay looks. This car does take the smoothed bay to another level. It doesnt stop there though, even the interior is just as clean. Im used to my civics having big puddles and rust in the spare wheel well, this one I could fill with spagetti and eat off it. I think painting the interior is definitely a lovely touch for a stripped car, it just brings it all together. 


Not too much else to say myself, apart from this is one of my favorite eg's out there. Unfortunately the rig shots arent up to par as usual. The light was fading and the ground of the location we were shooting was a bit turd. I'm hoping to get out and about to shoot the car again when my proper rigs made. I think a respray is on the cards as well so stay tuned! 

Also check out the owners website http://www.boltsbolts.co.uk/ if you need some honda goodies!

Spec List...
K20A2 Engine and Gearbox
Quaife Diff
Hybrid Racing K Swap Engine Mounts
HR tucked Fuel Rail
HR Shifter Cables
HR K Swap Shifter
HR FPR with gauge
HR Silicone Hoses
HR Ali Rad with Slimline Fan
HR 70mm Throttle Body
HR Oil Cap
HR K swap Manifold
R Motion Gated Sump Baffle
Custom Tucked Loom by Hond-R
Boxed in Mounts
Tucked & Smoothed Bay and Interior
Tucked and Polished Brake Lines
Custom Aluminium Expansion Tank
Port Matched RB Intake Manifold
K-Tuned Flush Dipstick
Fiberworx Carbon Plug Cover
Hasport K swap Drive Shafts
S2000 Clutch master Cylinder with BoltsBolts Spacer
1" Master Cylinder and Servo
Stage 2 Competition Clutch and Flywheel
300mm FN2 Front Calipers
262 Rear Discs
Black Diamond Discs Front and Rear
Ferodo DS2500 Front Pads
Stoptech Rear Pads
Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
2.5" Custom SS Exhaust
Hondata K100 ECU
HR Induction Pipe with Velocity Stack and Filter

S2000 Clutch master Cylinder with BoltsBolts Spacer
1" Master Cylinder and Servo
Stage 2 Competition Clutch and Flywheel
300mm FN2 Front Calipers
262 Rear Discs
Black Diamond Discs Front and Rear
Ferodo DS2500 Front Pads
Stoptech Rear Pads
HEL Braided Brake Lines
Meister-R Zeta-R Coilovers
Full Energy Polybush Kit
16" Enkei RPF1 with Falken Tyres
Moteki Wheel Nuts
Full Stainless Steel Hardware Throughout the Car
Buddy Club Front Camber Arms
Skunk2 Rear Camber Arms
PAS Removed with Modified Steering Rack
Skunk2 Gold LCA's
Gold ASR Brace

Fiberwox Custon Carbon Fuel Pump Cover
Godspeed X-Brace
Buddy Club Reclining Seats
Takata Drift 3" Harnesses
Pioneer DD headunit
Oil Temp Gauge
Oil Pressure Gauge
Volt Gauge
NRG Snap off boss
GripRoyal Steering Wheel
Battery, Washer bottle and Fuse box relocated to rear quarters
SiR Rear Interior Plastics
Non Airbag Dash
Arm Rest
440mm Broadway Mirror
Skunk2 Heavy Weight Gear Knob

Spoon Carbon Spoiler (Now BYS)
Seibon carbon Bonnet
NRG Carbon Bonnet Dampers
Spoon Style Carbon Mirrors
Mugen Style Carbon Front Splitter
BoltsBolts USDM Side Light Kit
Denji Headlights
BoltsBolts SS Spike Kit
BoltsBolts Engine Washer Kit
Hond-R Custom SS Loom Cover
Hond-R Custom SS Pulley Cover
Hond-R Custom Alu Fuel Filter Cover
ClimAir Wind Deflectors