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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Subvercity at Delicate Mayhem Gallery...

I will be exhibiting a couple of photos in a show named Subvercity, which has been curated by Dan Salisbury and is going to be hosted at Delicate Mayhem Gallery in London. The exhibition will be opening on Thursday 10th May at 6pm and will be running for 2 weeks, so come down on the opening night to say hello and do what ever you want to do. Or pop by over the 2 weeks its running.

The Address for Delicate Mayhem is...

3 Russell Street
Covent Garden

Heres some weblinks to the galleries website, the galleries facebook page, and finally a link to the event page on facebook!

In the mean time...enjoy this view...

Wider Than The Shard...

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Crane Shots...

This is another random post to be honest. I have just got a few photos taken from cranes all over the place. Mostly from london, but one of my favourite climbs from spain. None are amazing, but just thought I would share some bits with people!

London Bridge Demo Building

Strata, Elephant and Castle

Aldwych Crane, London

London Bridge Demo Building
Shard, London Bridge

Dsankt and Loops making a bridge, Landmark Docklands

Shard, London Bridge

100 Middlesex Street, London

My favourite, The Fire Crane, Benicassim, Spain